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Senin, 21 November 2011

I dreamed of riding a horse, and it's really amazing

I dreamed of riding a horse, and it's really amazing

November 22 2011

Ever riding horses are highly trained?. They are very sensitive to the rider, and also very cautious. I learned to ride a horse, and it looks very different. Those interested in the new riders, and seemed to enjoy being outside in the garden as I did. They also seem to be very good because it is always in the care, and in very good condition they are pretty good to ride. My horse is very excited to be invited to exercise the streets out there, and seemed happy to be out in the park! At first I was a little worried about riding a horse, but I feel very safe ride with a horse! He was very attentive to the rider, and nurses make sure that the famous horse riders learn the techniques and how to handle horses better. After the ride, I feel that I have learned a lot, and be able to see the horses, and I react better to changes in my riding technique

Ilustration Image by (James Bagus Dwipayana)

Ilustration Image (James Bagus Dwipayana)

Ilustration Image (James Bagus Dwipayana)

Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Budgeting plan

By James Bagus Dwipayana

As an architect I often make the price of planning a project with a very detailed accuracy, it is often called the project budgeting plan, to calculate how big the budget funding is needed not that easy because the material must know the correct price, labor costs, overtime cost for the workers, taxes to be paid, the price of rental tools to the needs of the project, the calculation of employee salaries until the project is completed. To know the price of the property as a whole must also calculate the number of supporting factors such as land prices in each region is not the same. Try to imagine if you build a property on a land with a very high price (500 to 800 million per square meter), you may be surprised how much property prices are expensive if above ground stand up a luxury villa with all the equipment like a five star class hotel .

But if you want to buy a property and using bank services then you may need an appraiser who is qualified so that you do not be fooled by all sorts of prices that you really do not know.
If you buy a luxury villa then you must be prepared to pay a tax of 25%, this could be considered why when buying luxury goods categories such as class five-star Villa then you have to pay huge taxes to the government. So you can imagine how much it costs to be calculated by an appraiser.
Does an appraiser is always right? Certainly an appraiser will look for prices that match the current conditions where there is the approximate price in this condition sometimes appraiser will look for comparison of factors existing value price, and price comparison factor is sometimes not always true, we need a more detailed prices by calculating in detail section by section, and in this case probably an architect will be more powerful in analyzing for an architect must have mastered about a plan and a clear concept on the development of a classy five-star luxury villa, because there other values which may not be able to be analyzed by an appraiser great though. such as evaluating a work of art and what is the value of a luxury villa design undertaken by consultants classy, of course, this will be very confusing for an appraiser, because the appraiser does not assess how much the price but the rate the physical design of a property and assess the price. After all a professional appraiser should keep running the task with full responsibility and report to relevant parties such as banks or other interested entities

Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Minimalist Home Interior Design Concepts

Currently for architects or interior designers house minimalist interior design concept is quite popular. But for the layman of course, still many are less familiar with the term or the concept of minimalist interior design. The essence of interior design is minimalist home residents can enjoy the actual size of small houses or simply become even more spacious, quiet, relaxed and laid out intelligently so that the atmosphere in the house feel more familiar and easier to live as well as occupied.Some things that are often encountered in the minimalist interior design concept is anything contained in the house act in accordance with its function. As the chair will only be a chair, not a display or decoration only sweetener in the house. In order for this interior design concepts can be run either in the house, the occupants of the house should really keep the house look neat, clean and comfortable. So even though the house styled with minimalist interior design concept, but the house remains a very comfortable place livable and still look modern.Some specific characteristics that can be encountered in the minimalist interior design concepts include:- The concept of interior design minimalist home is perfect, fitting, and not excessive. Therefore, choose the form of accessory room in your house is clean, firm, without a profile, and minimal geometric shapes.

- If you are using the concept of minimalist interior design, avoid the use of the bulkhead room in your home that is permanent. The use of bulkhead to separate the room would only lead to a narrow sense. If it is forced to use a partition, choose the temporary or accessory only. Its function is simply to separate between the rooms in your house and not restrictive.

- If you are someone who likes the carpet, choose a solid-colored carpet but without a motive. Pattern like this will make room in your house seem more spacious and airy and in accordance with the concept of minimalist interior design you want.

- For those of you who want to beautify the room in your home by adding accessories such as painting, choose a minimalist interior design concepts of composition and its simple frames without carving or profile. Do not put too many pictures because it will make room in your house feel cramped.

(Image Ilustration)

- Choice of furniture is also noteworthy. We recommend that you choose furniture that is simple without profiles and carvings with dark colors, like dark chocolate for the interior of your home because it agrees with the concept of minimalist interior design.

- In the living room using a game or a brown wood fibers. Furniture is also a simple model with no profile or engraving.

- For interior design bedroom, choose bright colors for the walls of your room. If you want to use an accent, wear an accent that is usually there in the back of the headboard of the bed. Whereas if you use the wallpaper, choose the model of wicker or bamboo leaves. Choose a bed that simple model and adjust the size of the existing space. Do not install the bed is too big because it will make a limited space.Home interior design minimalist interior design concepts need to be done carefully indeed. Because of space limitations of the existing area will bring a narrow sense, and this is of course contrary to the concept of minimalist interior design you want.

 "Do you want to made a design for free?"

Want to launch a program free home design, home design program of course this is only free for those who want to get a design house but it does not have enough funds to pay for a lot of Architect or an Interior Designer. Of course, the program design free house is only valid with a house under 150m2. And if knowledgeable than 150m2 home including design houses that can be charged, and of course very low, this is for people who want to get the concept of a design house for a comfortable and beautiful course. Way: you send a sketch of land to the email address: You will be design a home to live with the Autocad software. And final design of your home that will be sent in PDF file format to the email address you. And of course you can easily print design house into a standard paper size according to the scale shown in the picture.

Tips for Choosing Interior Display Houses

We often hear the MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN, but with the concept that less than optimal. Thus making the appearance of the building is not in accordance with the main force that carried. Here we will give you tricks result in a minimalist design that is as follows:
- Choose a color neutral paint a nuanced space, such as ash and beige / ivory.

- Use an accent color only on one side of the room only

- Choose a model shaped furniture is simple and does not have many profiles. Application of the concept is the furniture made in accordance with the form and structure, no additional carving or ornament that has no aspect to which substantially affects the room. The main material in an honest though, as optimal as possible using good technique so as to meet the terms of sheer usability.

- Do not put too much decoration.

- Use indirect lighting and spot lighting for accent and avoid too much standing lamps and table lamps.

- Use solid colors to wrap sofa, rug, pillow and bed covers. Should choose a simple motif.

- Limit the use of color variations. Two or three colors in one room is enough.
There are still many other ways to create a modern minimalist interior design. Overall embodiment is to combine fields, colors, materials, motifs, scale.
For ease of set up, you can summarize the modern minimalist style into points as follows:

- Functional: only show things that are useful and necessary.
Clean / Clean: not much use of the squiggly shape (ornament) because of the character the user a simple minimalist design.

- Practical: do not need much care and prefer the durability of a design.
Well how about you, please use our tips above, the building will be guaranteed the room will look more into modern minimalist design concept.

Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Generating tricks of modern minimalist interior design is as follows:

1. Pick a color neutral paint a nuanced space, such as ash and beige / ivory.

2. Use an accent color only on one side of the room only

3. Choose furniture that shaped the model is simple and does not have many profiles. The point is the furniture made in accordance with shape and structure, no additional carving or ornament. The main ingredient in an honest though, as optimal as possible using good technique so as to meet the terms of sheer usability.

4. In the modern minimalist interior design, you should not put too much decoration.

5. Use indirect lighting and spot lighting for accent and avoid too much standing lamps and table lamps.

6. Use solid colors to wrap sofa, rug, pillow and bed covers. Should choose a simple motif.

7. Limit the use of color variations. Two or three colors in one room is enough.

There are still many other ways to create a modern minimalist interior design. Overall embodiment is to combine fields, colors, materials, motifs, scale.
For ease of memory, you can summarize the modern minimalist interior design style into the following points:

8. Functional: modern minimalist interior design show only things that are useful and necessary.
Clean / Clean: modern minimalist interior design is not much use of the squiggly shape (ornament) because of the character the user a simple minimalist design.


9. Practical: modern minimalist interior design does not need much care and prefer the durability a design.

Please use a modern minimalist interior design tips us above, the building will be guaranteed the room will look more into modern minimalist concept design of interior.
(various sources)

Furniture and interior of the apartment so that the functional and aesthetic at the same time have a good image, related to the limited area of ​​an apartment:
1. Inventory Needs. Inventory needs whatever space you need. For example, living room, dining room, bedroom, den and kitchen. Because the apartment is limited to broad, multifunctional is the key. For example, reading rooms can be combined with the dining room or corner of the living room which is used as study space. Open layout of the space with one another can also be used as tips mainstay. Size furniture (furniture) should also be proportionate to the overall width of the room. If the room is likely to be small, select furniture that is not too large.
2. Interior colors. Color and pattern in the wall also became a key to get around the narrow room. Selection of bright color, good for a small apartment area. Color accents can be applied to a wall so the room can storage more character and varied. The use of large mirrors can also help make the room seem more spacious. All this is supported by good lighting, which can be either natural lighting (natural lighting) like lighting from sunlight or artificial lighting (artificial lighting) such as table lamps, hanging lamp, standing lamp and down light.

3. Effectiveness Furniture. Try to keep items that are owned and choose not much really needed. Due to a limited extent, also become a place for storage is not much. Watch for selecting the object interior. Only items with high sentimental value that can be stored. One tactic that can be done is to optimize the storage places such as the space under the bed. Another tactic is to make wardrobes with full height from floor to ceiling. With this vertical approach, the use of space will be much more leverage.
4. Residents character. Character and habits of neatness apartment dwellers can affect. If the occupant is very consumptive and less neat, it will be difficult for an interior design to perform optimally.(Various sources)

Senin, 26 Januari 2009

The aim of Investment Property

Investment basically include two matters, that is “investment at this time to hope for the profit when future” and “investment definitely for the profit that not yet definite”.
Property investment or real estate, as according to the definition above, simply mean to dismiss or invest capital in assets that have the shape of the land and/or the building above. The form of other investment apart from property is: the share, the debenture, o
ption, the fixed deposit, gold, dollar and other. Here, usually the person invests because of being pushed by hope obtain the so high profit. At least have six profits in investing property, that is:

1. The appreciation from added value (because his characteristics are limited and do not move/immobility).
2. Added value from his development (as being made the commercial building or the area of agriculture.3. The existence of the income from the operation activity (is hired out).
4. Is the good collateral.5. The protection of purchasing power towards inflation.
6. Is pride for the owner or his user.

By profits above, investment in t
his field potential also in the matter of the loss. At least have his six losses, like:

1. Be destroyed if having the earthquake or the disaster.
2. Not liquid and the existence of the time hindrance.
3. The burden of the management and the maintenance.
4. The contraction/depreciation of the building.
5. The control of the government, like the taxation rule et cetera.
6. The complexity of the law and permission.

In the in vesting matter of property, generally the person has two different aims. The first aim, investment that the implementation only is short-term (short-term investment), where he invests aim at being sold again, like the purchase of the land, the house, the shop house (ruko) and other afterwards is sold again to the other side
The second aim, his investment has the long-term characteristics (long-term investment), where he aims at being had and/or afterwards is hired out, like the villa, fuction house, the office building, the shopping centre, the hotel, sport club et cetera. Here the factor “rightfully proud” his owner appears more dominant.
No matter what then his aim, many people who consider investment in property as more interesting and more beneficial against investment in the other field. This can be understood because almost everyone believing that there is none of his history, especially the land and the house that descend his price. Every year can be confirmed his price increases and continues to increase in following years In knowledge real estate that is some what sophisticated is named also that that become consideration in property investment have five matters, that is: income, depreciation, equity build-up, appreciation and leverage, or is shortened IDEAL. the Explanation as follows

1. Income is the income from results of property investment that is hired out. His simple calculation through persentation the value of rent per the upper year this value of property, and in the year to how much capital of his investment will come back. For example, thinks property Rupiahs 100 million and is hired out per th
e year Rupiahs 10 million, so in the year of his 10 capitals will come back.

2. Depreciation is the allocating of the cost from a property asset that in a manner accountancy becomes the element of the cost. Usually this often is carried out to the company, where putting the depreciation cost as the company's cost, while property assets are still continuing to have the economical value
3. Equity build-up was the value of the share that was had on a property by the investor who borrowed and happened amortisation from the loan no matter what For example, he bought a property with a value of Rp 1 billion with the loan of the bank of Rp 800 million and paid the deposit of Rp 200 million. After moved for the certain period, his loan remained at Rp 700 million, and with the market price assumption did not yet rise, then he got equity build-up with a value of Rp 100 billion.

4. Appreciation and the increase think a property. For example, a property that were bought last year costing Rupiah 100 million, and this year to Rupiahs 120juta, mean to happen appreciation as big as Rupiahs 20 million in a year. The other term that more popular am capital gain or is shortened This that become the main reason the person to do investment in property

5. Leverage is the use of the loan
fund in order to increase the profit of property investment. To leverage rather am difficult to be explained here generally, because of must be seen by the case per the case and not many people receive leverage because of involving the side of the loan giver (the bank or the third party) that must study more specific before giving the loan.

No matter what then the form of investment, the property investors preferably continue to count on three matters, that is: count the investment cost personally, how big normal results are received from investment that is buried (yield or return), and when these results can be enjoyed.

Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

Tips the electricity opinion in the house remain

Can the house be designed with the approach of the electricity opinion? Electricity is energy that is renovated (can be made again repeatedly) that come from the processing of the source of other energy as his trigger. Today, the supply of electricity to the inhabitants's houses increasingly decreases, result in by increasingly diminish him the source of energy that is used to produce electricity, that is kinetic energy water, petroleum and the other source like coal and geothermal. This results in the price of electricity being also increasingly expensive and diminishing. Still remember the government appeal to turn off the electricity equipment that is not needed for certain hours tonight?
In the house plan, when the problem of this energy is paid attention to, can save the fund to buy electricity. Now, already during him respectively the owner of the house to pay attention to this, from the beginning when designing a house. The quite popular term at this time is"the house of the energy opinion", actual tren him have been is begun from various developing countries more advance from our country, is resulted in by the energy crisis and increasingly the high price of electricity

The house of the energy opinion can be applied through the house plan remain. This saving does not only mean saving in the use of the electricity equipment, but also saving from the side that could"am helped"by the design. For example :During the day do not use electricity completely for the artificial illumination that is lights in the house. During the day we also need not use AC to cool down air, because our house is cool enough and cold without AC


Information is needed so that our eyes feel comfortable when see and activities. The level of this comfort in fact relative for anyone. There is the person who feels comfortable with information that relatively few (dark) and there are those that feel comfortable when his room is very bright with the light. When being felt obviously, most solutions that are used are to increase the artificial illumination by turning on lights. This artificial information is not needed when the natural illumination during the day it was felt is enough.

The room with the white colour or the colour is obviously other, can become clearer because of the reflection of the light from the wall of this space. Other with the colour of the dark wall that absorbs the light. When we can maximise the use of the natural light from the sun in the morning to the afternoon, why must we use the artificial illumination? Then saving that can be carried out in this case am to maximise the use of the natural sunlight to light the room in the morning till the afternoon without help of the artificial light. The method to do that is through laying planning of good spaces, at the same time to be able to become the provider of the alternative from the light that is needed so that the activity in the house becomes comfortable. The level of the comfort of course relative and only occupants in fact that can measure the level of comfort from the number of lights that enters the house. The designers or the architect in this case take the assumption am best for estimate how many sunlights can enter the house, both directly and are reflected. The architect has various references to The number of lights that better enter the house, in part

The architect also better have knowledge that is enough so that the sunlight that enters could maximal support the activity in the house remain. In this case the architect can estimate him through the experience. Moreover specific knowledge that can help estimates the number of lights in the room also is in architecture knowledge, that results can become a reference in the house plan, that is decisive how many light that is needed, the window that is needed, and how many lumens (the unit measures the intensity of the light) better be present in a room. Must be paid also attention to by the light size that enter from the sun rays from outside, can result in the atmosphere of hotter space, that as a result also in the use AC and condition air natural . When our house use AC, the tense atmosphere resulting from too many sunlights enters also result in the burden of the air cooler being increasingly big, so as the burden of electricity and his cost also increases. Tips to save information electricity in part:

1. Use light of the electricity opinion than glowing light •
2. Deadly light when leaving the room or not using the room.
3. For blank planning lighting that is efficient : That is by not using the switch that turns on some light at the same time, because when we want to turn on one of the light, all light is still being switched on.
4. Place light in the quite low place and can serve more space.
5. Place the switch in the place that is easy in life-deadly, for example near the door, in order to facilitate us deadly light when leaving the room.

Air Conditioner (AC)

Be the same as the illumination, the level of the temperature and humidity air is also relative for anyone. The level of the temperature that is comfortable for the human body is the Celcius level. In the level of this comfortable temperature, the body could metabolisme normally. When the atmosphere is too cold or too hot, our body will give the reaction. When too cold we shiver, blood vessels narrow. When too hot, the body tries dismiss hot this through skin, the breath et cetera. The AC is needed to help achieve the temperature of the room that is comfortable enough for us. In our country, especially in increasingly hot cities, the existence AC am to cool down air. In the meantime in the cold country or have 4 weather, AC that is needed am what able to increase the temperature of air (the heater)

The AC takes the part that enough from the use of electricity energy. The use AC can become more ineffective when air baldness happening so as AC work heavier and consume electricity am bigger. The method that ought to be counted on to reduce the use AC in fact does the requirement disappear would AC am with use atmosphere natural. That is meant atmosphere natural am a method of channelling fresh air so as to help cool down air. When we use AC, as well as possible air in the room partition well. In the case use the ventilator, for example. The ventilator channels air and faster so as air molecules are touching with skin and help dismiss hot from inside the body. Nevertheless, the temperature of air in fact still stay same, so as the air current is because of us to feel cooler. Use AC mean also to cool down air so as air can descend his temperature, without the movement of air then, the atmosphere already not is felt"sultry".

The crop can help reduce the temperature of air around the house, because his existence absorbs ultraviolet rays, refine air through the process of photosynthesis. Not surprised when the house that is surrounded the crop is felt cooler, at first when the room has the high ceiling. The crop is really recommended to give the source of the natural health to the house building, including cold and cool natural air. Tips about the refrigeration of air:

When use AC, try to get so that air AC do not go out of the room. Clean AC periodically every time a month very much, or call the service trade person/the cleaner AC in the house remain, quite cold spaces need not be given AC, possibly the room must be like sleep space given AC, only if being felt is needed. Use the high ceiling so that air in the room is cooler. Continue to use the ceiling for the roof with tiles, because of space on the ceiling and is supervised tiles will hinder hot enter from the surface of tiles. When do not use AC, use windows that can be opened-be closed, in the hope that we could arrange the number of natural climates that enters. Plant many-many the crop and make normal air condition around the house. Use the area of the garden or the land that is not used for the building by being as maximal

Selasa, 29 Juli 2008

The design of the House remains Beautiful (Desain Rumah Tinggal Asri)

My previous month receives the email from the Friend me who ask my help to design Lay-out his house in Bali, from design the Architect to Interriornya. He also ask for is made design MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) that cover: installasi clean water (cold water), installasi hot water (Hot water), installasi dirty water (sewage waste), the installation of the gas pipe (to kichen), installasi kichen hood (the disposal of gas Co or the livelihood), installasi AC (use AC Split the make AGAIN), installasi electrical (the layout of the panel and lighting), installasi the Data cable (for the network computer), installasi telephone, installasi cable television and still many others that are other, but because he this really count on the aspect of the environment, he this ask for me to use Mini STP (BioFile) for his waste water reception (dirty water) where in this Mini STP system, absorption water had finally had the appropriateness to in discard to nature because of being not poisonous and free the illness. Moreover is inspected from the aspect of the aspect of the environment has been recommended by his use For the Villa or the Hotel has stars so as to not pollute the ground water around it. Because his House is rather big, I make well thought out planning so that the design that is produced could satisfy many sides, wala also still many lacks because of remembering his budget is supervised 1M, so must be thought about by the very material use local with the price is covered. That is somewhat disappointing am: he defines the price that is too cheap for his MEP design (Mechanical Electrical plumbing), am difficult indeed explain to him that actually the Mini STP implement that is drafted by me to sitem his dirty water indeed his price is relatively expensive. Upper his permission I write postingan this as the process pembelajaran. That is, how the stage that is exact in building the ideal house that has the aspect of the health and environment-friendly so as the waste of the household that is produced does not pollute the environment.
Sebulan yang lalu saya menerima email dari Teman Saya yang meminta bantuan saya untuk mendesain Lay-out rumahnya di Bali, dari design Arsitek hingga Interriornya. Beliau juga meminta dibuatkan design MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) yang meliputi : installasi air bersih(cold water), installasi air panas (Hot water), installasi air kotor (sewage waste), instalasi pipa gas (untuk kichen), installasi kichen hood (pembuangan gas CO atau asap dapur), installasi AC (menggunakan AC Split merk LG), installasi kelistrikan (tata letak panel dan lighting), installasi kabel Data (untuk komputer jaringan), installasi telepon, installasi televisi kabel dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya, tapi karena beliau ini sangat memperhitungkan aspek lingkungan, beliau ini meminta saya untuk menggunakan Mini STP (BioFile) untuk penampungan air limbahnya (air kotor) dimana pada sistem Mini STP ini, air resapan akhirnya sudah memiliki kelayakan untuk di buang ke alam karena tidak beracun dan bebas penyakit. Lagipula ditinjau dari segi aspek lingkungan sudah dianjurkan penggunaannya untuk Villa ataupun Hotel berbintang sehingga tidak akan mencemari air tanah di sekitarnya.
Karena Rumah beliau agak besar, saya membuat perencanaan yang matang agar desain yang dihasilkan bisa memuaskan banyak pihak, walapun masih banyak kekurangan karena mengingat anggaran beliau dibawah 1M, jadi harus dipikirkan penggunaan material-material lokal dengan harga terjangkau. Yang sedikit mengecewakan adalah: beliau mematok harga yang terlalu murah untuk desain MEP-nya (Mechanical Electrical plumbing), sulit memang menjelaskan kepada beliau bahwa sesungguhnya alat Mini STP yang saya rancang untuk sitem air kotornya memang harganya relatif mahal.
Atas seijin beliau saya menulis postingan ini sebagai proses pembelajaran. Yaitu, bagaimanakah tahapan yang tepat dalam membangun rumah idaman yang memiliki aspek kesehatan dan ramah lingkungan sehingga limbah rumah tangga yang dihasilkan tidak mencemari lingkungan.
Property world developments at this time are very fast, this is marked by the number of developments of property units, for example: the apartment or the luxurious exclusive condominium or the development of simple cute houses. Along with these property world developments, the requirement for the community would the house has in recent times been very high. If the budget is more insufficient to buy the house that middle end, the cute or simple house then does not become the obstacle to bringing about the wish to have the house. Almost all the developers offer the lot or the cute house product, because of the height of the requirement for the community would the house/the residence, then only in a short time can be sold by hundreds of house units. The problem is, many developers make use of this momentum constructively the cute house with facilities and the environment that just sufficient like that uptil now we know, that is the House is Very Simple (RSS). Describe the cute house with the condition like that already the time is changed. The consumer is the king, humankind also that properly is given that is best. The house must be beautiful, healthy, and am friendly towards the environment. So the key word Some sort measurement houses, including building or choosing the cute house. The cute house that is marketed usually has the maximal area 100 square metre with the measurement of the variation 6 times 15 m., 7 times 15m, or 8 times 12 m., and the form of the building of the standard house.
Beautiful must not be always expensive. Wise and smart design creativity can precisely bring about the frugal cute house the building materials and investigate all the limitations, both the fund and the land. The beautiful concept can be translated in the form of the pertinent house plan and is easy the maintenance. The limitations of the land push the development of the cute house stratified. The space plan is open and minimal the wall of restraint, good the wall, the wall, or the door, make space be felt spacious. The merging of the function of space is matched with the requirement for occupants. Carport, the terrace, and the front garden are made function as the sitting room, space plays the child, park the vehicle, even the meeting of RT/RW. Space in being maximised as the lounge room and the dining room. The function of the lounge room, the classroom, and children's bedroom can be also placed on the upper floor as far as the roof cellar (attic). The garden and the terrace behind is made use of as the dining room am open, the lounge room, and the child's classroom, with different time. The bathroom is space that needs the handling and the special maintenance, from the utility of sanitation, the main device, and The flooring from the ceramics or terrazzo bertekstur rough is meant in order to not slip and measuring small to widen the space impression. The limitations of the area can be made the dry bathroom with shower box am closed have walls of glasses or the plastic curtain. The appointment septic the tank although being placed in the front garden, but his distance am still relative close to the water pump so as to long-term can pollute the ground water. So, must be considered repeated the appointment septic the collective tank is shifted in environmental gardens.
The kitchen arrangement is very practical join with the dining room or in the terrace behind (the dining room is open). The concept of the house of the public provide the bedroom and the auxiliary bathroom behind, below, or above close to service space, wash, and put in the sun to dry. Currently the design of service space, wash, and put in the sun to dry, the bedroom and the auxiliary bathroom as well as the dirty kitchen are placed at the front of the house, am neighbouring with the lounge room appear carport. View of artistic the house does not need the expensive material. The wall of the house from bricks and bricks with the wall resolution expose or the combination of plaster with the careful and neat execution, or also can use the wall of the steel plate. The ceramics KW-2, KW-3, or unique terrazzo also is not inferior attract him beautify the floor of the house. Not precission the material can be still being investigated with space wide. The contents of house furnishings must be multipurpose, in accordance with the priority in the requirement for the family, and proportional between the measurement equipment and the area of space. The table, the sofa, the sofa, low the wash-basin, as far as the ladder cellar is maximised as the place And spread in accordance with the requirement for the function of space so as to need not make the warehouse. The floor resolution, the wall, and furnishings with the colour and/or the similar material to outside space as far as space in giving the area impression of imaginary space. Gradations of the blend of the colour that is exact in each kind of space also take part in influencing the area impression of space at the same time giving the psychological effect (psychological therapy) to occupants of the house. Unity of the theme and the colour will help the house to seem to be arranged and spacious, between the floor (dark), the wall and furnishings (while), and the ceiling roof (obviously). The cute HOUSE must also be healthy. The house is the place of physical and mental health therapy occupants, good in healthy time, in recuperation, or am sick. The place house relaxsation restore the freshness of the body. The electricity crisis and the electricity tariff that continue to rise must be anticipated with the priority in the use of electricity equipment and the design of the house of the energy opinion. The optimisation of the sun rays as the source of the natural illumination the house along morning-the afternoon and the moon rays and the star tonight. The optimisation of the sun rays and the circulation With the door aperture and the window with wide and long until touching the floor, high the minimal ceiling 2,75 metre, as well as skylight on the dining room, the bathroom, or the upper bedroom will give the expansion of imaginary space.
Each kind of space is striven for get the sun rays and fresh air that are good for the health of the house and occupants as well as the pocket of occupants. The house can in fact minimise the use of the air cooler (AC), the ventilator, and light, especially during the day. The mirror fitting to one of the walls, like in the terrace, the lounge room, and the bathroom, will increase the imaginary area of the room. The wall decoration with the painting, the photograph of the family, the certificate, the poster, or the ethnic object as the attention point increases the life of the atmosphere of space at the same time giving psychological therapy to occupants. The narrow page can be made function as the absorption garden of water (the dry garden) with the simple structure from beneath above, the pumice, palm fibre, coral, rough sand, and the land/coral/gravel, with the heterogenous thickness in accordance with the condition for the land. Planting of the tree in the front garden (that most enable) compared with the garden behind am the supplier of oxygen at the same time giving calm and coolness to occupants. In the morning, occupants continue to be suggested open the window and the door to guarantee the availability of the sun rays and air fresh enter And replace stuffy air in the house. The cute house will be more comfortable if the problem of the availability and the quality is of clean water that is received from Pam, the hands pump, or the machine pump paid attention to well, moreover if the clean water difficulty in the dry season happening. Then, how must the system of the waste management be also studied carefully, is managed personally (recycling) or is provided the place of the temporary reception. Apart from matters that has been mentioned above, along with this am several tips that can be used to maximise the design of your cute house:
USE Mirror
The Mirror creates the area impression to space. Use the mirror in the area of the dining table or the lounge room. The mirror with the big measurement in the exact place produces the effect of strong space. Before the mirror is placed in the wall, we can try-please beforehand his appointment in several places to know his effect on space
Use designs of BUILT-IN
The design built-in create the simple space impression and make space wider. Moreover can reduce the purchase cost furniture. For example in sleep space, the cupboard can be made “menempel” to the wall or inside gypsum. We must only make the procession inside and make his door until reducing the production cost furniture. The cupboard interior can be covered wallpaper to sweeter.
For Example for the dining table. Use the small dining table and is placed cling the wall with 4 seats. The seat that is used better puff so as the space impression is wider. Use also coffee table and credenza that is measuring small.
CHOOSE FURNITURE make an impression Simple
Don't choose furniture that “weight” and thick. Search furniture that is thin and have the shape of the framework, not the field. For example to credenza the tv, choose furniture lean, don't that is full down to the floor.
Maximise the PLACE storage
Use as maximally as possible furniture for the place of the storage. For example to make drawers under the bed, nakas that can keep the thing, credenza that can contain magazines and all furniture other. With many storages will reduce things that are allowed not good position and if the charcoal improves often need not make again the place storage.
Don't let the hollow wall too big. The hollow wall can be filled up with the painting or the decoration. Don't also is made too much am full. But just adequate so as the building is not impressed empty and cold.