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Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Minimalist Home Interior Design Concepts

Currently for architects or interior designers house minimalist interior design concept is quite popular. But for the layman of course, still many are less familiar with the term or the concept of minimalist interior design. The essence of interior design is minimalist home residents can enjoy the actual size of small houses or simply become even more spacious, quiet, relaxed and laid out intelligently so that the atmosphere in the house feel more familiar and easier to live as well as occupied.Some things that are often encountered in the minimalist interior design concept is anything contained in the house act in accordance with its function. As the chair will only be a chair, not a display or decoration only sweetener in the house. In order for this interior design concepts can be run either in the house, the occupants of the house should really keep the house look neat, clean and comfortable. So even though the house styled with minimalist interior design concept, but the house remains a very comfortable place livable and still look modern.Some specific characteristics that can be encountered in the minimalist interior design concepts include:- The concept of interior design minimalist home is perfect, fitting, and not excessive. Therefore, choose the form of accessory room in your house is clean, firm, without a profile, and minimal geometric shapes.

- If you are using the concept of minimalist interior design, avoid the use of the bulkhead room in your home that is permanent. The use of bulkhead to separate the room would only lead to a narrow sense. If it is forced to use a partition, choose the temporary or accessory only. Its function is simply to separate between the rooms in your house and not restrictive.

- If you are someone who likes the carpet, choose a solid-colored carpet but without a motive. Pattern like this will make room in your house seem more spacious and airy and in accordance with the concept of minimalist interior design you want.

- For those of you who want to beautify the room in your home by adding accessories such as painting, choose a minimalist interior design concepts of composition and its simple frames without carving or profile. Do not put too many pictures because it will make room in your house feel cramped.

(Image Ilustration)

- Choice of furniture is also noteworthy. We recommend that you choose furniture that is simple without profiles and carvings with dark colors, like dark chocolate for the interior of your home because it agrees with the concept of minimalist interior design.

- In the living room using a game or a brown wood fibers. Furniture is also a simple model with no profile or engraving.

- For interior design bedroom, choose bright colors for the walls of your room. If you want to use an accent, wear an accent that is usually there in the back of the headboard of the bed. Whereas if you use the wallpaper, choose the model of wicker or bamboo leaves. Choose a bed that simple model and adjust the size of the existing space. Do not install the bed is too big because it will make a limited space.Home interior design minimalist interior design concepts need to be done carefully indeed. Because of space limitations of the existing area will bring a narrow sense, and this is of course contrary to the concept of minimalist interior design you want.

 "Do you want to made a design for free?"

Want to launch a program free home design, home design program of course this is only free for those who want to get a design house but it does not have enough funds to pay for a lot of Architect or an Interior Designer. Of course, the program design free house is only valid with a house under 150m2. And if knowledgeable than 150m2 home including design houses that can be charged, and of course very low, this is for people who want to get the concept of a design house for a comfortable and beautiful course. Way: you send a sketch of land to the email address: You will be design a home to live with the Autocad software. And final design of your home that will be sent in PDF file format to the email address you. And of course you can easily print design house into a standard paper size according to the scale shown in the picture.

Tips for Choosing Interior Display Houses

We often hear the MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN, but with the concept that less than optimal. Thus making the appearance of the building is not in accordance with the main force that carried. Here we will give you tricks result in a minimalist design that is as follows:
- Choose a color neutral paint a nuanced space, such as ash and beige / ivory.

- Use an accent color only on one side of the room only

- Choose a model shaped furniture is simple and does not have many profiles. Application of the concept is the furniture made in accordance with the form and structure, no additional carving or ornament that has no aspect to which substantially affects the room. The main material in an honest though, as optimal as possible using good technique so as to meet the terms of sheer usability.

- Do not put too much decoration.

- Use indirect lighting and spot lighting for accent and avoid too much standing lamps and table lamps.

- Use solid colors to wrap sofa, rug, pillow and bed covers. Should choose a simple motif.

- Limit the use of color variations. Two or three colors in one room is enough.
There are still many other ways to create a modern minimalist interior design. Overall embodiment is to combine fields, colors, materials, motifs, scale.
For ease of set up, you can summarize the modern minimalist style into points as follows:

- Functional: only show things that are useful and necessary.
Clean / Clean: not much use of the squiggly shape (ornament) because of the character the user a simple minimalist design.

- Practical: do not need much care and prefer the durability of a design.
Well how about you, please use our tips above, the building will be guaranteed the room will look more into modern minimalist design concept.

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