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Sabtu, 03 Juli 2010

Budgeting plan

By James Bagus Dwipayana

As an architect I often make the price of planning a project with a very detailed accuracy, it is often called the project budgeting plan, to calculate how big the budget funding is needed not that easy because the material must know the correct price, labor costs, overtime cost for the workers, taxes to be paid, the price of rental tools to the needs of the project, the calculation of employee salaries until the project is completed. To know the price of the property as a whole must also calculate the number of supporting factors such as land prices in each region is not the same. Try to imagine if you build a property on a land with a very high price (500 to 800 million per square meter), you may be surprised how much property prices are expensive if above ground stand up a luxury villa with all the equipment like a five star class hotel .

But if you want to buy a property and using bank services then you may need an appraiser who is qualified so that you do not be fooled by all sorts of prices that you really do not know.
If you buy a luxury villa then you must be prepared to pay a tax of 25%, this could be considered why when buying luxury goods categories such as class five-star Villa then you have to pay huge taxes to the government. So you can imagine how much it costs to be calculated by an appraiser.
Does an appraiser is always right? Certainly an appraiser will look for prices that match the current conditions where there is the approximate price in this condition sometimes appraiser will look for comparison of factors existing value price, and price comparison factor is sometimes not always true, we need a more detailed prices by calculating in detail section by section, and in this case probably an architect will be more powerful in analyzing for an architect must have mastered about a plan and a clear concept on the development of a classy five-star luxury villa, because there other values which may not be able to be analyzed by an appraiser great though. such as evaluating a work of art and what is the value of a luxury villa design undertaken by consultants classy, of course, this will be very confusing for an appraiser, because the appraiser does not assess how much the price but the rate the physical design of a property and assess the price. After all a professional appraiser should keep running the task with full responsibility and report to relevant parties such as banks or other interested entities

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