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Minggu, 25 Januari 2009

Tips the electricity opinion in the house remain

Can the house be designed with the approach of the electricity opinion? Electricity is energy that is renovated (can be made again repeatedly) that come from the processing of the source of other energy as his trigger. Today, the supply of electricity to the inhabitants's houses increasingly decreases, result in by increasingly diminish him the source of energy that is used to produce electricity, that is kinetic energy water, petroleum and the other source like coal and geothermal. This results in the price of electricity being also increasingly expensive and diminishing. Still remember the government appeal to turn off the electricity equipment that is not needed for certain hours tonight?
In the house plan, when the problem of this energy is paid attention to, can save the fund to buy electricity. Now, already during him respectively the owner of the house to pay attention to this, from the beginning when designing a house. The quite popular term at this time is"the house of the energy opinion", actual tren him have been is begun from various developing countries more advance from our country, is resulted in by the energy crisis and increasingly the high price of electricity

The house of the energy opinion can be applied through the house plan remain. This saving does not only mean saving in the use of the electricity equipment, but also saving from the side that could"am helped"by the design. For example :During the day do not use electricity completely for the artificial illumination that is lights in the house. During the day we also need not use AC to cool down air, because our house is cool enough and cold without AC


Information is needed so that our eyes feel comfortable when see and activities. The level of this comfort in fact relative for anyone. There is the person who feels comfortable with information that relatively few (dark) and there are those that feel comfortable when his room is very bright with the light. When being felt obviously, most solutions that are used are to increase the artificial illumination by turning on lights. This artificial information is not needed when the natural illumination during the day it was felt is enough.

The room with the white colour or the colour is obviously other, can become clearer because of the reflection of the light from the wall of this space. Other with the colour of the dark wall that absorbs the light. When we can maximise the use of the natural light from the sun in the morning to the afternoon, why must we use the artificial illumination? Then saving that can be carried out in this case am to maximise the use of the natural sunlight to light the room in the morning till the afternoon without help of the artificial light. The method to do that is through laying planning of good spaces, at the same time to be able to become the provider of the alternative from the light that is needed so that the activity in the house becomes comfortable. The level of the comfort of course relative and only occupants in fact that can measure the level of comfort from the number of lights that enters the house. The designers or the architect in this case take the assumption am best for estimate how many sunlights can enter the house, both directly and are reflected. The architect has various references to The number of lights that better enter the house, in part

The architect also better have knowledge that is enough so that the sunlight that enters could maximal support the activity in the house remain. In this case the architect can estimate him through the experience. Moreover specific knowledge that can help estimates the number of lights in the room also is in architecture knowledge, that results can become a reference in the house plan, that is decisive how many light that is needed, the window that is needed, and how many lumens (the unit measures the intensity of the light) better be present in a room. Must be paid also attention to by the light size that enter from the sun rays from outside, can result in the atmosphere of hotter space, that as a result also in the use AC and condition air natural . When our house use AC, the tense atmosphere resulting from too many sunlights enters also result in the burden of the air cooler being increasingly big, so as the burden of electricity and his cost also increases. Tips to save information electricity in part:

1. Use light of the electricity opinion than glowing light •
2. Deadly light when leaving the room or not using the room.
3. For blank planning lighting that is efficient : That is by not using the switch that turns on some light at the same time, because when we want to turn on one of the light, all light is still being switched on.
4. Place light in the quite low place and can serve more space.
5. Place the switch in the place that is easy in life-deadly, for example near the door, in order to facilitate us deadly light when leaving the room.

Air Conditioner (AC)

Be the same as the illumination, the level of the temperature and humidity air is also relative for anyone. The level of the temperature that is comfortable for the human body is the Celcius level. In the level of this comfortable temperature, the body could metabolisme normally. When the atmosphere is too cold or too hot, our body will give the reaction. When too cold we shiver, blood vessels narrow. When too hot, the body tries dismiss hot this through skin, the breath et cetera. The AC is needed to help achieve the temperature of the room that is comfortable enough for us. In our country, especially in increasingly hot cities, the existence AC am to cool down air. In the meantime in the cold country or have 4 weather, AC that is needed am what able to increase the temperature of air (the heater)

The AC takes the part that enough from the use of electricity energy. The use AC can become more ineffective when air baldness happening so as AC work heavier and consume electricity am bigger. The method that ought to be counted on to reduce the use AC in fact does the requirement disappear would AC am with use atmosphere natural. That is meant atmosphere natural am a method of channelling fresh air so as to help cool down air. When we use AC, as well as possible air in the room partition well. In the case use the ventilator, for example. The ventilator channels air and faster so as air molecules are touching with skin and help dismiss hot from inside the body. Nevertheless, the temperature of air in fact still stay same, so as the air current is because of us to feel cooler. Use AC mean also to cool down air so as air can descend his temperature, without the movement of air then, the atmosphere already not is felt"sultry".

The crop can help reduce the temperature of air around the house, because his existence absorbs ultraviolet rays, refine air through the process of photosynthesis. Not surprised when the house that is surrounded the crop is felt cooler, at first when the room has the high ceiling. The crop is really recommended to give the source of the natural health to the house building, including cold and cool natural air. Tips about the refrigeration of air:

When use AC, try to get so that air AC do not go out of the room. Clean AC periodically every time a month very much, or call the service trade person/the cleaner AC in the house remain, quite cold spaces need not be given AC, possibly the room must be like sleep space given AC, only if being felt is needed. Use the high ceiling so that air in the room is cooler. Continue to use the ceiling for the roof with tiles, because of space on the ceiling and is supervised tiles will hinder hot enter from the surface of tiles. When do not use AC, use windows that can be opened-be closed, in the hope that we could arrange the number of natural climates that enters. Plant many-many the crop and make normal air condition around the house. Use the area of the garden or the land that is not used for the building by being as maximal

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