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Senin, 26 Januari 2009

The aim of Investment Property

Investment basically include two matters, that is “investment at this time to hope for the profit when future” and “investment definitely for the profit that not yet definite”.
Property investment or real estate, as according to the definition above, simply mean to dismiss or invest capital in assets that have the shape of the land and/or the building above. The form of other investment apart from property is: the share, the debenture, o
ption, the fixed deposit, gold, dollar and other. Here, usually the person invests because of being pushed by hope obtain the so high profit. At least have six profits in investing property, that is:

1. The appreciation from added value (because his characteristics are limited and do not move/immobility).
2. Added value from his development (as being made the commercial building or the area of agriculture.3. The existence of the income from the operation activity (is hired out).
4. Is the good collateral.5. The protection of purchasing power towards inflation.
6. Is pride for the owner or his user.

By profits above, investment in t
his field potential also in the matter of the loss. At least have his six losses, like:

1. Be destroyed if having the earthquake or the disaster.
2. Not liquid and the existence of the time hindrance.
3. The burden of the management and the maintenance.
4. The contraction/depreciation of the building.
5. The control of the government, like the taxation rule et cetera.
6. The complexity of the law and permission.

In the in vesting matter of property, generally the person has two different aims. The first aim, investment that the implementation only is short-term (short-term investment), where he invests aim at being sold again, like the purchase of the land, the house, the shop house (ruko) and other afterwards is sold again to the other side
The second aim, his investment has the long-term characteristics (long-term investment), where he aims at being had and/or afterwards is hired out, like the villa, fuction house, the office building, the shopping centre, the hotel, sport club et cetera. Here the factor “rightfully proud” his owner appears more dominant.
No matter what then his aim, many people who consider investment in property as more interesting and more beneficial against investment in the other field. This can be understood because almost everyone believing that there is none of his history, especially the land and the house that descend his price. Every year can be confirmed his price increases and continues to increase in following years In knowledge real estate that is some what sophisticated is named also that that become consideration in property investment have five matters, that is: income, depreciation, equity build-up, appreciation and leverage, or is shortened IDEAL. the Explanation as follows

1. Income is the income from results of property investment that is hired out. His simple calculation through persentation the value of rent per the upper year this value of property, and in the year to how much capital of his investment will come back. For example, thinks property Rupiahs 100 million and is hired out per th
e year Rupiahs 10 million, so in the year of his 10 capitals will come back.

2. Depreciation is the allocating of the cost from a property asset that in a manner accountancy becomes the element of the cost. Usually this often is carried out to the company, where putting the depreciation cost as the company's cost, while property assets are still continuing to have the economical value
3. Equity build-up was the value of the share that was had on a property by the investor who borrowed and happened amortisation from the loan no matter what For example, he bought a property with a value of Rp 1 billion with the loan of the bank of Rp 800 million and paid the deposit of Rp 200 million. After moved for the certain period, his loan remained at Rp 700 million, and with the market price assumption did not yet rise, then he got equity build-up with a value of Rp 100 billion.

4. Appreciation and the increase think a property. For example, a property that were bought last year costing Rupiah 100 million, and this year to Rupiahs 120juta, mean to happen appreciation as big as Rupiahs 20 million in a year. The other term that more popular am capital gain or is shortened This that become the main reason the person to do investment in property

5. Leverage is the use of the loan
fund in order to increase the profit of property investment. To leverage rather am difficult to be explained here generally, because of must be seen by the case per the case and not many people receive leverage because of involving the side of the loan giver (the bank or the third party) that must study more specific before giving the loan.

No matter what then the form of investment, the property investors preferably continue to count on three matters, that is: count the investment cost personally, how big normal results are received from investment that is buried (yield or return), and when these results can be enjoyed.

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